the sublime manic girl from neptune (sublime_manic) wrote in thesmokingcrowd,
the sublime manic girl from neptune


Well so I was pokin around and I found this community. I live in Hendesonville. By myself. And tonight I am having a party. If you want to come you can. The more the merrier.

If you don't come to the party, I'll probably laugh about it later in story form over at oh_fuckin_well
Its a story telling community. Go join.

I will probably be having a lot of parties this summer. So for more info on that, email me. Everyone is invited. But no haters allowed. There's usually all kinds of different people here from all different ages and lifestyles and such. So don't worry fitting in. Chances are there is somebody here that is just like you.

Ok well, I don't know how often anyone checks this community anymore, it looks like its been a while since anyone posted. But in case anyone's reading, Have a good night |)
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